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In business, as in life, no matter how careful you are, how knowledgeable you are or how focused you are, you will make mistakes – it’s pretty much inevitable.

Every successful person has failed at some point in their career and many will admit that sometimes it’s what you get wrong, rather than what you get right, that ultimately makes you a winner.

The key to dealing with failure is to treat it as an opportunity to learn. Avoid knee-jerk reactions analysing what went wrong and why is a far more effective approach than apportioning blame or getting upset. Remember, not even hugely successful entrepreneurs such as Richard Branson always got it right first time. Self-awareness and humility will also go a long way to helping you regroup following a mistake.

Prioritising customer service is the key to success and longevity in business. Ensuring you are one step ahead of your competitors in that area ensures you have a unique selling point which will maximise your chances of repeat custom. Providing exceptional service enables you to compete with anyone at any level and is also more rewarding and more viable in the long term. Price is always going to be important but your integrity, reputation and service ethos can outweigh any price issue, to the point where clients will favour a more expensive company which provides consistently excellent service over a cheaper quotation from someone without the same track record for quality.

Part of good customer service , is being utterly reliable and able to deliver what your customers want, when they want it.

Never underestimate the value of dedication to your customers it is what will make your business memorable, and ultimately, what will keep your customers coming back

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