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Rapid Invoice Finance

Rather than waiting 30+ days to get paid you can get an advance on the cash that’s already owed to you by unlocking up to 85% of an unpaid invoice with the added benefit of professional credit control

Key Areas

    • Invoice Factoring and Discounting available
    • We can get invoices funded on a selective or Full Turnover basis
    • NO PG’s with some funders
    • We can broker funders that serve the construction and export industries

Areas of specialisation

  • We search the whole market to find best invoice finance for your business needs
Roger had been declined by his bank for invoice finance. His credit was fine but Roger was a builder in the construction trade a sector his bank did not support for this type of finance. Roger approached us needing a solution as he had landed a large contract but the terms of his creditors would have made his liquidity very tight. We arranged invoice finance on a selective basis which eased cash flow and enabled him to accept this lucrative contract.

Rapid Invoice FinanceClient Case StudyRoger s.

We have access to a wide product range and are committed to providing the best terms possible, based on your personal circumstances.

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